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    *  Joy’s Birthday Party
    *  Grandma Mills’ Birthday
    *  Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Sage
Joy is almost 4 years old and Abby is 6 months old.  We can’t believe it, where is the time going so quickly?  Abby is beginning to sit up on her own and although she doesn’t have any teeth yet, she likes eating (real) food like creamed bananas and prunes!    We finally got our Christmas light taken down and Sue is now back to work.
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Sue has been back to work for a week and a half now and is jumping in with both feet.  It’s been a challenge, but as with most things, she handles it with grace.
Mike is busy planning a Gulf Coast Mission Trip for 45 people.  He is partnering with a pastor from another church in town, and is glad for this.  This trip will happen during Flag’s spring break, March 17-25.  
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